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Warsaw Stag Activities

We know you are going to get totally wasted, that's a given. It wouldn't be much of a stag do if you didn't. In fact we even have stag activities to help you do just that. What we don't want you to do is just sit in a random bar drinking. Now that is just boring. Warsaw offers some wicked pranks to play on your Stag. We highly recommend adding the Dominatrix to your 'Steak & Tits' for example. Or scare the living daylights out of him and have him kidnapped.

How it works?

Warsaw has a lot to offer, so we have split a typical Stag Tour into sections. In each section you will find relative activities. Click on the activity image and you will get detailed information on what is included.

A perfect stag weekend in Warsaw would include at least one activity from each section, but you can just order 1 in total.

Too much hassle?

As simple as we have tried to make searching the activities we know some of you will consider this even too much hassle. Get it all sorted in a couple of clicks by choosing from one of the pre arranged Warsaw Stag Packages here. You will be sorted in minutes.