Amsterdam The Pissup Smurf on Steroids image

The Pissup Smurf on Steroids in Amsterdam

The Pissup Smurf on Steroids in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • Little Person on steroids (Guide)
  • 3 hr Bar Tour
  • Bottle of Vodka or other spirit
  • Handcuffs
  • Overview

Ready for the Pissup Smurf…on steroids?!

This little blue fella will be your special guide through the decadent streets of Amsterdam…and the stag will be handcuffed to him! Imagine the stares you’ll get as this pumped up, hyper, blue “mini me” leads your group to some of the most fun bars in Amsterdam.

This is perfect activity for lads who want to stand out on their Amsterdam stag weekend, and have a laugh too (but not at the steroid-pumped Smurf…because he’ll have you quicker than you can say Gargamel!).

How it Works

In the meetup bar the Pissup Smurf on steroids will be handcuffed to the stag. He will take you round a number of bars on this 3 hour bar tour of the Red Light area. There will be a bottle of vodka or another spirit, Jager, included in the price. You can drink shots from this in the first bar!

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