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Laser Tag in Barcelona

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What's Included
  • 12 min. Laser Game
  • Introduction to the game
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Laser Tag

Piaow, Piaow!

Blast your way to victory on your pal's stag in this sci-fi style laser tag game in Barcelona. Step inside a multi story arena and have some high tech fun.

For all, you wannabe starship troopers out there – plus those of you who like the idea of paintball without the bruising – Barcelona laser tag is just the thing for you. We'll get you booked up for two sessions of laser gun madness in a purpose-built arena in an easy-to-find location. These two rounds of laser tag will last a total of 20 minutes each, which is more than enough time to blast your enemies (i.e., your mates!) away. Gear up, and let's go into the field, men.

What To Expect

The laser tag arena is located situated in a short spin outside of Barcelona's city centre. If you need any help getting there, we'll assist you in whatever way we can.

Upon your arrival, one of the arena's employees will greet you and give you an explanation about the game. You'll be shown how the guns work and operate.

Before you get your gear on, your group will split into teams. Choose wisely. You don't want to be stuck with the weaker team.

Put your vests on and dive into darkness. Feel the rush of adrenaline. Stalk your opponents, take aim, shoot and withdraw. Move stealthily forward, take cover in the Spaceship, and go in for the kill! You want to take them out before they get to you. Unleash the secret sniper inside you!

Each laser tag game lasts for 12 minutes. There's a possibility for you to add on more time to your game if you like. You can discuss this with your tour manager before.

Games are what make a bachelor party, and we offer a wide variety of them. Compete in our inflatable Olympic Games in a number of challenges precisely like the actual competition; only the tools you use are inflated. There is a wide range of contests, from El Clásico Football Darts to bull fighting in sumo wrestling suits. This will really put your friendships to the test.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There are no minimum or maximum group requirements for the laser tag game, but it's recommended you have at least ten players.
  • The duration of the activity is twenty minutes, playing time is twelve minutes. The rest of the time is used for explaining how the activity and the guns work and making the teams.
  • Other players could possibly be playing with your group, depending on the size of it.

Other Options

Laser tag downtown Barcelona

Laser tag downtown Barcelona

  • 17 min. Laser Game
  • laser guns
  • All Safety Equipment

What can you add?

+ extra game (Laser Tag)

Laser Tag in Barcelona

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Blast your way to victory on your pal's stag in this sci-fi style laser tag game in Barcelona. Step inside a multi story arena and have some high tech fun.

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