What's Included
  • 2 x Female wrestlers
  • 20 min. Wrestling
  • Chocolate
  • Plastic movable pool
Babes Wrestling
Night Life

What A Delicious Game You Boys Are Going To Have On Your Hands!

Book our sexy mud fight between two gorgeous ladies in Barcelona. Your stag isn't getting off easy here. He'll have to join in, too, on the fun.

Are you wrestling fans? Regardless of whether you are, this is the best form of fighting you're ever going to see. Two of our sexiest fighters have a dispute and need a place to solve it, so what better place to do it than in your villa? Oh, and did we mention the groom will be involved in this triple threat match? You better tell him to bring his A-game.

What To Expect

Our mud wrestling activity is usually held at the villa or flat where the bachelor party is staying. It can be held in a bar too, but there will be a cleaning fee to get rid of the remains of the mud. It's up to you.

The two females will arrive on the day of the dual and introduce themselves before setting up the pool mixed in with some creamy chocolate.

Once things are set up, they'll come out into the ring in only their tight bikinis for you all to see. We know. This is the best wrestling match ever, right? Let's spice it up. The groom will be called in for the competition. They need someone else to get down and dirty with, and since he's the one getting married, why not.

There will be lots of slipping and sliding around the place. Let's see if the bachelor can handle these two Latinas on his own. This isn't their first rodeo, so he'll have a big challenge in front of him.

The mucky brawls usually last between 20 and 25 minutes, depending on how long the stag can last. In the end, you'll have to determine the winner. Who has performed the best?

Suppose you're on the hunt for more sporty activities while in Barcelona. We offer an array of exciting experiences, like our indoor rock climbing class. Scale the walls for 90 minutes learning all of the tricks and skills from a professional. Following your lessons, each of you will be put to the test climbing all by yourself — a testing but rewarding day out.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's a minimum of two participants needed for this mud scrap to go ahead, and there's no group size limit.
  • At the end of the fight, we'll send a van to pick up the muddy pool.
  • If you go with the pub option, it's located in the Las Ramblas area, and the show takes place in a private area.

Other Options

2 Ladies Mud Fight

2 Ladies Mud Fight

  • 15 min. Mud Fight
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