Budapest Babes In Oil River Cruise image

Babes In Oil River Cruise in Budapest

Babes In Oil River Cruise in Budapest

What's Included

  • Guide or Guides (1 per 14 people)
  • 1 hour boat hire in Dock.
  • 1 welcome shot & 1 beer each
  • 2 Strippers in Oil
  • 1 round girl on girl
  • 1 round 2 girls one victim.
  • Overview


letz get ready to fumblllllle !!!

This activity is guaranteed to generate pure hilarity and excitement.

2 shiny oiled up bikini-clad Hungarian honeys will slip and slide over each other as they try to distinguish who is the queen of the ring. You will be provided with ringside seats and complimentary beer. Cheer them on and pick a winner. After the hot Hungarian girls perform their show, the stag can 'take them on' whilst trying to 'take them off'!

Many extras can be added to your babes in oil, ranging from topless hostess to Roly Poly Kissograms.  

You'll probably have worked up an apetite after all that oil we'd suggest booking up a Steak and Tits activity, and enjoy a nice steak dinner (plus more boobs!).

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