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Haunted House in Budapest

4.75/5 ( 4 reviews )
What's Included
  • Haunted house tour
  • Pissup Guide
Night Life
Escape Rooms

Behind The Doors, The Haunted House Guards Its Mysteries!

Enter the Budapest haunted house if you dare, where shadows whisper and echoes linger. It's okay to scream like a girl at your stag party; we won't tell anyone.

You may think this is a traditional haunted house; well, that's not the case! We like to think of it as more of an interactive theatre, an upgraded version which is sure to scare the toughest.

Spending between 25 and 35 minutes deep underground in our 400 square metre basement with various rooms beyond every entrance is another frightening surprise. Every room has its own challenge; for some, you'll have to break free of the dark labyrinths, and you have to take on assignments with a helping hand from real-life spooky performers.

The spirits will linger, and the supernatural powers will be around; you need to be able to put this in the back of your mind so you and the lads get out alive.

We know you have the power to do it.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Six people can play at the same time in the haunted house. If your group is bigger than six, you'll have to go inside one at a time.
  • The time you'll spend in the house will be between 25 and 35 minutes.
  • While it is a haunted house, it's not just focused on scaring players; there will be some mazes and tricky challenges to complete.

Haunted House in Budapest

Rated "Excellent" with 4.75/5 Based on 4+ reviews.

Enter the Budapest haunted house if you dare! Book now for a stag party you'll never forget - screams guaranteed!

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19. April 2024

Google Translated That was funny! Very good actors! Top!

14. April 2024

Google Translated Was fine. Can be recommended.

18. April 2024
14. April 2024
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