Piss-up In A Brewery Prague

Piss-up In A Brewery in Prague

Piss-up In A Brewery in Prague

What's Included

  • Local Guide
  • Short Brewery Tour
  • 3 Beers for Tasting each
  • One Big Shot of Pivovice each
  • One Litre of your Favourite brewery Beer each
  • Table Reservation
  • Overview

No one will ever say you couldn’t organise it! You will gain much respect from your friends after bringing them to this fully functioning brewery- restaurant.

After learning how different types of beer are made and watching all the stages of the traditional production process on a short brewery tour, you’ll each receive 3 kinds of freshly made beer: Light, Dark and Cut. All of which are unfiltered and unpasteurized and are therefore rich in vitamins and minerals.

After making your beer selection, you will also each receive a ‘Pivovice’, a 5cl speciality shot made by your hosts. It is made from the same ingredients as beer, but instead of natural fermentation it is distilled and has an impressive alcohol content of 50%. Along with a ‘Tuplak beer’ (double large beer) of your choice, this special shot is sure to get your Prague stag do started.

Beer tasting in Prague on Stag Do

During or after the tasting session you are also invited to sample some traditional Czech cuisine. You can try something small that Czechs call ‘food under beer’, or opt for a classic option such as a steak.

Beer souvenirs and take-away drinks are also available after this memorable Prague brewery tour.

The Experience

If you love beer you’ve come to the right city, Prague has the highest consumption of beer per person anywhere in the world. So now you know the Czechs drink it like it’s water – you can expect they’ve perfected their brewing techniques over the centuries. This is a great little excursion, great for any day of your stag weekend.

Think of it as a hair of the dog before you start the party again!

The great thing about this activity is it’s located close to your hotel in the centre. Our friendly guides will pick you up and take you there in no time.

Once you’ve arrived and got organised, you will start the twenty-minute tour of the brewery. You’ll get to see how the beer is practically made, and the history of the brewery itself. Then afterwards plonk yourself down in benches and let the tasting begin!

This is a chilled-out tour where you will be drinking high quality beer, which is good for you too (okay, as healthy as beer can be!). After you’ve played the connoisseur with the lads, you can choose a litre of the beer of your choice.

Extra Info

Unlike other tour companies, if you book a stag weekend with Pissup we don’t do hidden charges. So the beer you get at the brewery is all free. Breweries are a major attraction for tourists coming to Prague – so book now to organise your piss-up in a brewery with Pissup!

Want to continue on after you’ve sampled some local brews? Book our Prague bar crawl and enjoy a wild night out in the Czech capital.

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