What's Included
  • 1 hr. Speedboat ride
  • Insurance
  • life jacket

Speed Straight Into The Waves!

Zoom across the ocean at incredibly high speeds on an exhilarating speed boat ride stag do activity in Mallorca. Imagine the fresh sea breeze hitting your face.

Get ready for an adrenaline buzz like no other. Hop on board a modern speed boat fitted with 435 horsepower that will be transformed into sharp turns, curves and unlimited acceleration. Who knows, you might even catch some air time if you're lucky. Seek out Mallorca's secret stunning locations like the gorgeous Bay of Palma, and take some time to go snorkelling in the island's enchanting coastal caves.

This is an activity that's made for only the bravest of adventure seekers. Does that sound like some of your bachelor party?

What To Expect

Your speed boat tour will depart from the El Arsenal on the mainland. Before the day of the booking, we'll send you on all of the details, including departure times and addresses.

Upon arrival, you'll be given life jackets that you have to wear for the journey. Stick them and get yourselves on the boat for the ride of your lives. The real excitement will start when you hear the sound of the 435 horsepower engine that will take you on full speed spins, high jumps and endless straights.

Just so nobody gets motion sickness because of long driving periods, there will be a break in between at the charming Bay of Palm, known for its astonishing sea caves. Your bachelor party will be given the opportunity to go swimming inside of them. Sounds exciting right?

As the finishing time approaches, the captain will begin to bring the boat back to shore. Get your last fix of fresh sea breeze and soak up the last few moments.

If you thought the speed boat ride was fun, you'll think our parasailing experience is out of this world. Grab the boys and head out into the ocean in groups of two for an activity like no other. Let the combination of the speed of a boat and the wind take you up to 50 metres high in the sky alongside one of your buddies. See the wonderful island of Mallorca from a spectacular bird's eye view. Hopefully, nobody has a fear of heights!

What's Included With Your Booking?

  • Insurance for everyone.
  • Duties.
  • Life jacket for the duration of the boat ride.
  • A sixty minute ride at sea.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Nobody in your group is allowed to be drunk. If someone is, the whole group will be refused on board.
  • Make sure to arrive fifteen minutes prior to departure time for check in. If you're late, there's a chance that you won't be able to rebook for the same day as it gets quite busy.
  • Departures take place every hour.
  • This is a public speed boat tour, so you'll be joined by other people unless your group can fill a boat.
  • If you want, it's possible to arrange a private tour for your stag group upon request. Please get in touch with our team for more details.
  • For anyone who plans on snorkelling, be sure to bring trunks and towels with you.
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