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Erotic Rally in Vienna

What's Included
  • 120 min. Playing Time
  • Qualified Instructor
Treasure Hunts

All Major Cities Have A Sensual Side, But Vienna Goes One Step Further!

Add some filth to your stag do in Vienna by joining our erotic rally. Discover the city's sex scene by cracking dirty codes and naughty secrets.

You don't have to go to a strip club to have some harmless, sexy fun at our bachelor party. With our erotic rally, you can dive into the erotic side of Old Vienna to unravel the mysteries of sex and eroticism in an interactive and playful manner. You'll be tasked with solving puzzles, answering questions and using your mental strength to reach the hidden code at the end where a sexy surprise awaits!

What To Expect

The erotic rally will start at a central point in Vienna's city centre. You can see the address below.

Address - Stephansplatz, 1010 Vienna

Waiting there will be your instructor, who will run through the rules of the competition with you and split your group into separate teams. You'll have to compete against each other, discovering Vienna's seductive secrets and intriguing stories while collecting clues along the way so you can use them at the final stage of your erotic quest.

Some of the frisky challenges you'll face include solving riddles and answering thought-provoking questions that may have you relating your own saucy past with Vienna's. We've all had them king experiences that we'll never forget. For others, they may never want to remember them.

The team that successfully solves the most riddles will earn the opportunity to crack the hidden code at the end of the challenge. Imagine what you might find if you succeed.

All the things you need to play the erotic rally will be given to you by your instructor at the beginning, so you don't need to bring anything in advance. Just make you take along a jacket if the weather is poor, or if it's summertime, a sunscreen and cap might be a good idea.

We also offer a spooky rally that may interest you. We've cut out the sex and added some ghosts; making the stag scream like a girl for a couple of hours sounds like a fun idea, doesn't it?

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The rally usually lasts between 2 and 2 and a half hours. The end time depends on how fast your team gets through the challenges and if either team makes it to the final stage. The pressure is on!
  • Your group has to have at least ten members because we have to split you up into groups of two. We can't accept any groups that have a smaller number of players.
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