Meet the Mum who booked a stag do for her son

Mum who booked a stag do for her son! 

When the request came in it was a nice surprise...

When we think of stag do weekends in Prague, images flash in our minds of hot strippers in limos; AK-47s aimed at shooting ranges; and pint after pint downed during awesome bar crawls. But before you get to enjoy that someone has to do the organising. Typically - with some help from us - that’s the best man! That’s why we were surprised and excited to hear that a Mum was awesome enough to get in touch with us about planning her son's stag do. So because it's such a unique case we decided we’d interview Mum who booked a stag do for her son, Yvonne, a police officer who hails from Norfolk.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed talking to her - she was a star!

Your case is very unique…and we wondering why you decided to book the stag do for your son? What’s the story?

Well, I’ve got a very good relationship with my boys, always have had - they’re close in age. And it’s the eldest whose getting married. The youngest is going to be best man. And the youngest, the best man, was supposed to be organising the stag do and he’s had to go away for four months on a training course in Scotland…and he’s not around so he’s given me some guidance. That’s it really in a nutshell!

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How old is your eldest son - who’s getting married?

He’s 23.

So that’s very young…I’m 30, so 23 is a baby to me!

Yes he is, and the best man is 21…And I’m quite a young Mum, if you like!

Are you excited about the wedding?

Very excited - I approve of the bride so that’s great!

"To be honest with you I’m quite surprised that it sparked any interest - the boys have always been very open with me, nothing really gets past me."

So what does Dan, your son, think about you organising the stag do for him? Does he know?

Yes he does know. He’s got no problems with it at all. To be honest with you I’m quite surprised that it sparked any interest - the boys have always been very open with me, nothing really gets past me. And I’ve always very much had an open house policy, so there’s always been half a dozen of their mates in and out. The front doors always open, so I don’t think it’s come as a surprise to any of the lads…I’ve known them all since they were in nappies, and I wouldn’t have any qualms going out drinking with any of them…I’m not that different from them in age, I mean I had them very young!

"I've tried to be involved, it’s always me that’s taken them off-roading, Land-Rovering, it’s me that takes them surfing...anything ‘outward bound’ ..."

Well, if I compare you to my Mum you sound like a cool Mum…My Mum didn’t like any of my friends’ hanging out in the house!

I’ve got a great relationship with them. If you have just boys they can become very distant from you - because you’re a girl and they’re boys. I’ve tried to be involved, it’s always me that’s taken them off-roading, Land-Rovering, it’s me that takes them surfing. My husband is close with them as well, but anything ‘outward bound’ or anything like that it’s always been me really. I mean I had an upbringing like that, so I was always determined not to become estranged from the boys because I was a girl. And it’s worked: we’re very close.

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What about personality wise, are you all similarly out-going, adrenaline-junkies?

Definitely: we’ve always been heavily into anything…exciting really. We’ve always taken on a challenge. For my son’s 21st birthday I paid for them to both jump out of an aeroplane! We like life, we like doing things.

They're all going to finish up having too much to drink; they're all getting up to no good.

So booking an activity like shooting, you’re cool with that - no anxiety?

Well, I’m a police officer. No: I’m not bothered at all! I’ve done it myself. It’s done in a safe environment. Not concerned in the slightest. My only concern is there’s not enough time between the stag do and the wedding for them to get out of prison or serve their bail or anything like that…because they’re all going to finish up having too much to drink; they’re all getting up to no good. Will his eyebrows have time to go back? And all those sort of things - and other than that not worried about their safety at all.

What’s the gap between the stag do and the wedding?

About six weeks. I thought that was a good enough gap: if it’s too long a gap, you can’t even call it a stag do. There’s no way I was going to suggest they have it on the day before, because that’s all together too risky.

So we know you’re booking adrenaline-junky activities, like white-water rafting etc - but what about pranks?

Oh, I wasn’t aware that you did any of that.

Well we have things like Stag Arrest and Stag Kidnap…

[Laughter] Oh hilarious! I hadn’t thought about any of that, no. The truth is: they’re all young lads and in the end cost comes into it…

Of course. There are 8 guys coming in total right?

It’s looking like 8, yeah. It is slightly difficult because the best man’s in Scotland. Six of them are groomsmen. That’s very much an American thing, don’t think I’ve heard of that in England before. So six of them are going to best man and/or groomsman. So one of them’s in Scotland, one of them’s in Cambridge…I do know them all very well so I know them and so organising it shouldn’t be difficult.

What about stag theme. Do you know what theme they’re going for, costumes, etc?

No I haven’t, really. It’s been thrown at me about a week ago. Matt said: we definitely want to go to Prague. We definitely want a couple of overnights. I would imagine they’ll probably decide amongst themselves what theme they’re going for. Or if they’re having a theme at all.

What about other things, like strippers? Are you turning a blind eye to that…are you leaving that to them?

[laughter] This is all very strange to you isn’t it?!

"If I thought there wasn't going to be strippers and lap dancers and all the rest of it I would have been very surprised!"

It is: all I have is my Mum to go on, as an example, and I just can’t imagine discussing any of that with her!

Well it’s not that long ago I was on the show ‘Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents’ with a friend because her daughter was on the program…I’ve seen what all the lads and lasses get up to, and I’ve worked on the streets as an officer; none of this is going to be a surprise to me. If I thought there wasn’t going to be strippers and lap dancers and all the rest of it I would have been very surprised! Am going to book something like that I don’t know? I think in the package, there’s a club they’re going to go to any way?

Yes there is - if you get the Bar Guide, then the guide will take them to a strip club at the end…well I have to say again you sound like a cool Mum.

Well I run a very tight ship, I can be strict. But I’ve always given them the free reign to express themselves in whatever they want to…no, they’re good boys: and they know how to drink!

So you could go out drinking with them and you could keep up with them?

Yes! I can go out the lash with them no problem at all…I’m not going on the stag do with them I should hasten to add! That would be all-together wrong.

Well what can we say except that Yvonne sounds like a really cool Mum! She should be a model for all over-bearing helicopter parents' out there who are anxious about their kids going wild abroad (you know who you are!).

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