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Looking to organize a last night of freedom on a budget? Here is how to organize a memorable and cheap stag do

Planning your closest mate’s last night of freedom is by far the most important duty of the best man. Here we will show you how to organize a cheap stag do. It is a night you and the lads are meant to remember forever, however if the cash supply amongst you is running a little low, this planning process can seem like a daunting task. This should not be the case though! Planning a cheap stag do is much easier than you may think, and the information provided below should set you on the right path when it comes to organizing an unforgettable, and affordable weekend!

Eine Tour durch's Nachtleben sollte bei eurem Junggesellenabschied in Warschau nicht fehlen...

Be Proactive

The most important part in planning a cheap stag do, is to ensure you are extremely proactive. If you are planning to do this on your own then finding the best deals, and arranging the perfect itinerary for your budget involves research, and therefore a significant amount of your time. All the following advice has this idea of proactivity in mind. So read on, and remember to plan ahead!

Who to Invite

Any football fan knows, your starting roster is the key to your success. The same is true with a stag do; the lads you choose are the ones who will make your weekend a success or a dud. It is best to make a long list of the stag’s mates, and narrow it down from there. Communication with the stag is important with this step. Who does he ‘really’ want to come? Should family be invited along or is your mate’s future father in-law, the local vicar, going to be a wee bit judgmental when it comes to sitting front row in Amsterdam’s best sex theatre? It is not a crime to have two celebrations, why not invite the long list for a get together down at the neighborhood pub, while saving the weekend for those who are actually closest to the stag?


If you are on a budget, picking the right destination will make or break the weekend. Although staying home is a rather cheap option, who really wants to do that!? You have the whole rest of your life for that! Thankfully there is an unofficial rule of thumb when picking a cheap stag do location: Go East, Pay the Least! With the fall of the Iron Curtain, Eastern and Central Europe have emerged as a paradise for those traveling on a budget. Countries such as Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, have opted out of the Euro, and their exchange rate when compared to the British Pound (or even the Euro) is incredible! Each of these countries incessantly brag to foreigners how in their country “beer is cheaper than water”. Accommodation, activities, food, and everything else follows suite, allowing you to stretch a small budget as far as it can go.


The one thing that cannot be included in the rule of thumb mentioned above, is airfare. Although a destination may be cheap, getting there may not be. Skyscanner is an incredible solution to this dilemma. Simply punch in your airport of origin, and the dates (or even just the month) you would like to travel and it will provide you with a list of all the cheapest flights available. If you are still unable to find something within your budget, consider checking nearby airports. If you want to go to Bratislava, but the flight are too much, check what flights to Vienna cost. Pissup provides a private airport transfer, with a local guide, between the two for only £20!


So you’ve invited the gang, chosen a destination, booked the flights, now just what the hell are you going to do!? Stag weekends are generally an excuse to try something new, something you would be unlikely to ever experience domestically. Being on a budget should not detour you from this part of the weekend. Think about it, 5 hours in the pub watching the football, a couple of pints, a couple of shots, and you are likely to rack up more than £50 each. Now with Pissup for £31 per person you could go with private transport and an English speaking guide, to a gun range in Budapest; shoot a .22 Rifle, a 9mm Pistol, an Assault Rifle, a Pump action shotgun, and follow it all up with a tall cold beer! Seems like a no-brainer as to where your money should be going!

[caption id="attachment_2746" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Cheap Stag Do shooting rangeReady for some fun with guns during a cheap stag do party[/caption]

Planning a stag do on a budget should not have you stressed! As seen above, there are plenty of anti-crisis travel options to help you live the champagne lifestyle, while on the cheap beer budget! So start your planning now, and amaze all the lads with just how perfect a weekend abroad can be… for cheap!

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