Top 5 Dangers of Booking Holiday Rental Accommodation

dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation - Pissup stag do

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Ahhhh modern technology, it’s great isn’t it? You can contact your friends at the touch of a button, book a Prague Stag do, order a few crates of beer, get access to almost the entire store of knowledge in the world (or just watch Big Boobs 5 for the millionth time), and even book a cab which you can rate afterwards guaranteeing that you will get decent, cheap service…And you can also save cash by booking up cheap private accommodation abroad, bypassing pesky agents and hotels, etc. But hold on a moment! The dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation abroad through another website if you are a Stag group are real - however flashy that site/company looks.

While that may be all right if you’re going for a weekend in Paris with your girlfriend - booking up private accommodation for your Budapest Stag Do, for example, isn’t that straightforward. It may seem like you can save money and time by booking through a easily-accessible site; there are pitfalls which you will not be aware of at first glance.

So we’ve decided to go through the dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation (our top 5), when you are part of a stag ground, and why booking through a trusted agents like Pissup will ensure there are no problems during your awesome stag weekend.

1. ‘Stag Groups Not Welcome’

Dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation - Pissup Stags Dangerous of booking private holiday accommodation[/caption]

Also known as, you didn’t read the small print. Okay so you’ve found an easy-to-navigate website which shows you a whole range of rented accommodation all within walking distance of the party area…perfect! And on top of that the price is good. But when clicking through and booking it and organising key collection you forgot to read the part that says: ‘NO STAG GROUPS’.

This little-known clause is usually overlooked by guys who book up stag weekends in Europe. But trust us - it usually in the small print of 90% of advertised private accommodation. Why is it there? Well it might be because having a bunch of party-animals trashing their property and making tonnes of noise isn’t in the owner’s interest.

You’ll counter with: ‘But maybe they won’t realise? And maybe they won’t care?’ True. But we have had cases where the owners have refused to handover the keys…leaving the stag group homeless (but for the help of our staff who found them last-minute expensive accommodation in a hostel).

2. Huuuuuuge damage deposits

booking holiday rental accomodation for stags - Pissup Dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation

This is a problem that works like a sort of equation: the more steep the damage deposits, the more likely you’ll never see that money again. Remember: Britain is not Eastern Europe. And while Eastern Europe has great things going for it (cheap beer, nice food, hot girls), often, those countries don’t have the same love for fair play and the rule of law that Britain has (or used to have). Basically that means that you are more likely to be ripped-off when booking private rental accommodation abroad.

We’ve had cases where our customers have paid 3,000 euros in damage deposits; and you can be sure if you’ve paid that much, you won’t see it again!

It might be that the damage deposit doesn’t seem that steep, but you might find that you are charged over-odds for small damages when you get the bill. That’s why going through a stag do company like us is essential. And if you have to pay any deposits at all for activities or accommodation with us you can guarantee they will be fair (or more accurately, non-dodgy).

3. Shhhhhh - this isn’t a party house

Holiday rental accommodation for stags guide - PissupShhh watch out stag groups might not be allowed - dangers of holiday rental accommodation.

‘Aha’, you’ll say, ‘But I’ve found a place where I book up rooms on the cheap, they’ve said nothing about stag groups - and the damage deposits are OK.’ Well that all may be true but what about if the hostel or apartment you’ve booked up is in a residential area? What if your hotel has an 11 o’clock lock out policy? You don’t want to be in a situation where you either have to kill the party vibe that you’ve built up all the way to Prague - you want to go wild, and not have to think (too hard) about the consequences.

And there is a chance that you could be kicked out by the owners if you make too much noise. We’ve even heard of groups, after having caused guests to leave the hotel, having to pay not just for their full weekend but also for the loss of custom that the hotel has had to face! That means you’ll be out of pocket and homeless (and of the dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation this is surely one you want to avoid!).

4. Out in the Sticks

Don't end up in the sticks! - Dangers of booking private holiday accommodation

Aha, so you’ve booked a ‘centrally located’ private apartment. It’s cheap and spacious and is the perfect babe-magnet pad for (for those lads who are single). Where is the centre of London? Leicester Square? Buckingham Palace? Southbank? Answer: Apsley House…yes, technically the address is No. 1, London. Now if you didn’t know that (and we can’t blame you) then how do you think you know where the centre of Prague, Amsterdam and Budapest is?

It may well be that being near to the centre is useless - that all the party action is located way across town, and the only bars that are in staggering distance are near your rental accommodation are tourist traps with about as much of party atmosphere as Highgate Cemetery at 3.15 on a Sunday morning.

Don’t be fooled by websites that show you big houses with swimming pools going for pittance. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. We’ve had guys book up Entourage-style houses - tricked by good keywords on google searches - that end up being so far away we’ve had to send minivans to drive them to and fro from the centre. Forget about all that, we can book you up in accommodation that is close, or a close as you like, to the party districts of any major city! Use our local knowledge and get the best deal and locations that suit your group.

5. Book through a website and you’re on your own - no support!

dangers of booking holiday rental accommodationNo support when thing go wrong! Dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation

‘But I have control if I book it myself,’ you’ll say. But what if something were to go wrong? Who are you going to call? Pissup offers three levels of support for our customers. From guides, who can meet you at airport, to tour managers, hotel bookers - and if necessary, our head tour manager. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s also good to have support for ‘minor’ issues like when you get lost and can’t find the hotel location. Are you really going to ask someone in the street? Remember this is Budapest not Bristol, so your Hungarian better be up to scratch! And despite surface appearances Google Maps often isn’t your friend.

And what about if there’s a problem checking in? If you book with us we can take the weight off your shoulders, and be there if you need help. That is really being in control of the situation. Letting you and your mates relax a little and enjoy your stag weekend!

Like the sound of our advice about the dangers of booking holiday rental accommodation? Contact us today and our expert party planners will book you up on a stag do weekend that will go down in legend!

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