What to expect on a Stag Weekend in Prague

things to do in Prague

Why come to Prague?

It's easy to see why Prague is such a popular city for tourists. As beautiful as Paris but with a much more advantageous exchange rate if you're an English visitor. But don't take it from us: according to plenty of surveys Prague ranks as the number 1 stag  destination. There has been a lot of hysteria in the media about how weekend warriors have 'spoiled' Prague - or that it’s becoming overly expensive. Of course, like any city you can get ripped off if you don't know where to go. But that's why booking through a a stag do company in the know is absolutely essential...and ours is number one!

Ignore the horror stories about how Prague has lost its charm. In fact the stats suggest that all manner of tourists are still coming here, and it’s increasing year by year, from all countries including the Czech Republic itself!

This blog is here to show you why Prague is still the best destination for lads on their last weekend of freedom. While there is tonnes of information out there for culture vultures who want to spend time in its museums or posing in front of famous monuments - we wanted to give you lads out there an overview of what to see and do in this great city. Check out our guide for what to expect on a stag weekend in Prague.

A Brief History of Prague

Prague is like a hidden jewel in Central Europe that has only really be rediscovered over the past twenty-five years. Like many cities in this part of the world Prague has existed as a part of various empires, territories and nation states. Its origins lie in the foundation of Prague Castle by the kings of Bohemia sometime in the 10th century. The beautiful city that can be seen today grew out of that initial foundation, flourishing into a Renaissance capital in the 14th century where most of its iconic structures, such as the astronomical clock, were built.

In the past century however the Czechs have gone through some serious changes. They declared independence from the Habsburg Empire in 1918, were occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War, only to be turned Communist in 1948 and then invaded by Soviet-Russia in 1968 who crushed the 'Prague Spring'. Nowadays since the Velvet Revolution ended Communism and set up the Czech Republic the county is enjoying a capitalist Renaissance, which is reflected by the huge growth in restaurants, bars and clubs (see below). Czechs have been through a lot: So when you're on your stag weekend in Prague and you're wondering why some of the older natives look as hard as nails - now you know why!

Top sightseeing in Prague

Imagine a city that is as attractive as Paris but as clean as Vienna with the price range of Budapest - well that's Prague! If ever there was a city made for photographs then this one is it. The castle that looms over everything looks like the Magic Kingdom, and that sets the standard for a city chockablock with good-looking things (not least of all the women). Aside from the castle, which you can't miss, Charles Bridge is a fantastic example of Renaissance engineering. Likewise in Old Town Square there will be ample opportunities for postcard-perfect shots to show to your mates back home.

But chances are you will be squeezed for time if you've come to Prague on a lads weekend away. That's why it's essential that if you want great snapshots of the city, and a level of orientation, then you should hire a guide. Of course if you're with the lads on tour then you'll want to get happy while you check the sights - we've got that covered too with SightBeering.

best parties in night clubs

Nightlife, Beer and Girls in Prague

Girls and partying has got to be the number one reason why guys are choosing Prague as their top destination for stag dos. The alcohol is cheap and the girls are pretty, and there is plenty of variety - what's not to like! There's everything from traditional Czech beer halls to top clubs where DJs bang out club anthems till the early hours.

If you're looking to start your evening off at a gentle pace then head to the Café Louvre, which is the epitome of Central European café culture. After you've woken up after all that caffeine (and maybe a cheeky half) you'll want some booze inside you to get the party started. InCider Bar is the aptly titled trendy venue which has one of the largest range of ciders for those of you who want a break from all that delicious Czech beer. Finally for those of you who are dance music fans get yourself down to Roxy, which is located in district 1 and if you happen to be there on Monday it has free entry.

The important thing for all newcomers to a city is to know where the party's at. But if you're a tourist, by definition, you don't have that inside knowledge. That's why we recommend getting a bar guide. Avoid ending up in dead bars where you pay over the odds for drinks - book today for a night of good quality carnage. When it comes to girls Pissup can hook you up (okay not like that - that's up to your seduction skills!). But we can organise a private strip show for your group, after a great meal, you can see how Czech girls live up to their reputation for being super hot!

Beer is what the Czech Republic is, rightly, famous for. So we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about our favourite tipple. Czechs consume the most beer per capita out of any nation in Europe. Labels like Staropramen, Pilsner and Budweiser are household names for all European beer-lovers for a reason! But in Prague you can find many different varieties of beer brewed in microbreweries all over the capital. So if you're in Prague on a lads weekend then why not come on tour of a brewery and improve your knowledge and your pallet.

shooting AK-47 on prague stag

Shooting guns in Prague

Perhaps you don't know that the Czech Republic is considered the second best place to own and shoot guns after the US. Well according to those shooting enthusiasts at Guns and Ammo it is! So you have to try shooting guns in Prague when you come here on your last weekend of freedom. As we've talked about in previous blogposts Central Europe in general, but the Czech Republic in particular has much less stringent gun laws than the UK. That means you get to fire guns such as the AK-47 and the Scorpio Evo 3 which you'd be unable to obtain even if you had a licence in the UK! So you simply have to book a shooting activity if you're coming to Prague - let all that aggression out and act like Rambo for the day!

There are of course other ways to get your adrenaline flowing in Prague. If you figure yourself a crack shot, and want to inflict mild bruises on your mates then try paintballing. There's even an opportunity to increase the banter and make the groom dress up in a hilarious costume so that he'll be easier to target on the awesome field which is full of obstacles and atmospheric structures.

Fancy Prague as your stag do destination, then send us an enquiry here and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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