Stag do pranks that were top bants

Stag do pranks that were top bants

A stag do is just not complete without stitching up the groom for one last time. As a best man and organiser of the stag party, it is your duty to royally stitch up the groom.

Here at Pissup.com, we would go as far to say that if you have not planned any pranks that involve the stag, then that “man card” you have should be taken away from you – from now on instead of watching sports on the box or drinking pints of beer, you should be made to watch chick flicks and drink nothing but shandy.

That’s right, stag do pranks are important, but at the same time a slight word of warning. The saying “it’s all fun and games until some gets hurt” is never more true than when organising a stag do prank as you must remember that you are ultimately responsible for him, and it will be you that will have to do the explaining should he get injured or worse.

Now on to the fun bit; if you are struggling to come up with some stitch-ups to play on the groom-to-be, take a look at the below list of the best-ever stag do pranks that were definitely top bants.

Getting your stag arrested (not literally)


This can be arranged as a prank for a stag do in Latvia as shown in the below video, where a bunch of lads hire two Latvian cops to arrest the stag for drugs they plant in the front seat of the car.


The bungee jump prank


Now a popular prank to do on a stag do is to blindfold your stag and tell them that they are going to do a bungee jump, but instead make them jump into a baby pool. Hilarious doesn’t even come close!

Bachelor Party Prank Sends Groom 'Bungee Jumping' Into Baby Pool

Glue a friend’s pubic hair to the stag’s face and visit a senior centre


This prank went viral and for good reason, as this hilarious bit of banter saw the stag don a beard made up of his friend’s pubic hair. At the same time, he was gaffer taped to a wheelchair and dressed in incontinence pants, clown shoes and colourful socks, whilst also holding a cabbage! Oh, and the small matter of being rolled into a senior centre for over 50s.

Pube face stag visits senior Center

Smoke bomb shower


The stag should never feel immune from pranks as shown in this video, where the stag has a smoke bomb shower.

Ben's Stag Do Prank Smoke Bomb Shower

The kidnap


A classic prank for the start of the stag do is to pretend to kidnap the stag. In this instance, the groom was driving along a country lane with his fiancé, who was in on the prank, before being jumped by 16 of his mates. His pals wore balaclavas and were armed with baseball bats and stun grenades as they bundled the terrified stag into a van before driving him to his stag do destination.

Ultimate stag do prank

Airport prank


If you are going on a Budapest stag do then take note of this great prank. As the stag goes through security at Budapest airport in Hungary, he gets stopped and his bag is searched. Unbeknown to him, his mates plant a sex toy in his bag strapped to a bottle of water, which, as you can see, is rather embarrassing for him.

Embarrassing stag weekend prank at airport security

Shoot the pink bunny


Paintballing is a common stag do activity and what better way to set up the stag than by dressing him in a pink bunny outfit and for the rest of the stag party to chase him down in one of the games. The key to this prank is to keep it a secret from the stag and to speak to the instructors at the paintball so they can help set it up. Then, it will be too late for him to back out and you and the rest of your party get to have some fun!

Shoot the pink bunny

Borat style fancy dress


Another great prank is to get your stag to dress up in a Borat-style fancy dress outfit as demonstrated below. Seriously, let your imagination run wild when it comes to fancy dress.

Ross's Stag Party -

A game of spoons


This pranks sees the stag get roped into the spoons game. As you can see he didn’t fare too well as his mates laugh at him and he gets a sore head in the process (and that’s not even a result of the amount of alcohol he drank!).


Stag do - Spoons - Morgan

The car crash prank


When you’re heading home after an epic stag do abroad in Prague and are travelling back home in the car, and the stag is asleep, then you have one last opportunity to prank him. Check out the hilarious prank below.

On the way home form the stag night

Image Credit: Tom Henry (flickr.com)

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