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Competition and booze: these two things maketh men happy. Or so it says in the unwritten lad bible (no not that one!). Games will add an element of hilarity to any night out - but especially so when you're on a hardcore weekend away. Get the groom - or that cocky friend who thinks he can drink you under the table - three sheets to the proverbial wind with our five great stag do drinking games.

Be warned: Pissup does not accept any responsibility for how drunk you'll get with these stag do drinking games so if you find yourself on a plane to Turkmenistan next day with no idea how you got there - don't blame us.

No but seriously, be safe - these games are about having a laugh not hospitalising the groom!

Drinking games for lads

1. Sip or Strip

This is a simple one, and all you'll need is a coin - and a lot of luck. All the guys need to get into a circle. One person tosses a coin and the guy to his right has to call heads or tails. Get it right and then he'll take the coin to toss for the next guy to call. If you call incorrectly then you down your drink. Or if you feel you want to save your boozing strength then take off an item of clothing. This game is sure to end in drunkenness and/or nudity so maybe it's best played back at the hotel!

What you need:

  • a coin

  • luck!

2. Beer Pong

Okay so this one is an American invention, popular with college kids. Likelihood is you're neither at college or American - but be that as it may, this game is a helluva laugh. First, divide yourselves into two teams - gather at the end of a table. Then lay out glasses or cups of booze at the other end of the table, in a triangle formation half-filled with beer. Your goal is to bounce the ball on the table and for it to land in the opposing teams cup. If you do they have to down all the contents between them. Winning team is the one with no cups left. Losing team has to down the remaining booze.

What you need

  • ping pong ball

  • Cups or glasses

  • Skill

stag drinking games - the best! - Pissup

3. The Name Game

What sets this game apart from the others is its all about mental reflexes. Okay so you stand in a circle, and one guy calls out a famous person’s name: let's say David Beckham. Now the guy to his right has to say another name using the first letter of the last name - which was 'B', so he could say Barry White, for example. If you manage to use the letter twice, by saying Bobby Brown, for example, then play is reversed. Although drinking is constant throughout, if you can't think of a name or the name you give is not accepted you have to down your drink. Once your glass is empty then you are out.

What you need

  • A semi-functioning brain

  • Friends

4. Three Man

This a great one for smaller groups, but any number of guys is fine as long as you're willing to get happy. Okay so all gather round a table with a pair of dice, and take turns rolling it. When someone rolls a 3 he becomes the 'three man'. Now there are a number of variants on penalties for this game, but to keep it simple anytime there is a double 1 everyone take a sip of their drink. Roll a three and the three man has to drink. Roll a 7 and the guy to your left takes a drink, roll an 11 and the guy to your right has to drink. If you roll a 9 it counts as social - so everyone gets to drink.

Some rules say if you get doubles you pass them to anyone you like and they roll and whatever they roll they have to drink. There are so many variations of this game, and no official rules for penalties. The important thing to note is that the three man only gets out of drinking when he rolls the three himself!

What you need

  • Dice

  • A flat surface

  • A decision on which 3 man rules to use!

stuttgart drinking games

5. Ring of Fire

Brought a deck of cards with you on your lads weekend away by any chance? Well good, because you'll need them to play this awesome game. Place an empty pint glass on a flat surface and spread out a deck of cards around the glass, face down. Now each player going clockwise picks up a card and has to follow the penalties for each:

Ace - Everyone drinks until the person who picked the card finishes (so you better hope he's a fast drinker!).

2 - Chose a person from the circle - they have to drink.

3 - Person who picks up the card drinks.

4 - Everyone touches the floor, last man down has to drink.

5 - All Men in group have to drink.

6 - Any chicks? If there are they have to drink if not everyone will have to drink.

7 - Point to the sky, last one to do so has to drink.

8 - Chose someone to drink with you.

9 - Say a word, and the each guy has to follow the rhyme - cat, hat, mat... Until someone messes up then they have to drink.

10 - Thumb rule: you can put your thumb on the table, at any time. Last person to do so has to drink. You can use this throughout until someone picks up another 10.

Jack - Make up a rule and everyone has to follow.

Queen - Say a category: like countries in Africa, or types of whisky and the one who messes up drinks.

King - pour a bit of your drink into the middle cup. Person who gets the last king has to down the contents of the cup.

What you need

  • A deck of cards

  • A stomach for booze

Hopefully these games will liven up your stag do weekend bar crawl. Play safe lads!

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