Top men’s lifestyle bloggers describe the ultimate stag do

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The ultimate stag do can be hard to find as finding a destination and activities that everyone in the stag party likes is almost impossible.

However, it can be done. Going on a Budapest stag do is popular for many reasons, as is stitching up the stag with a stripper, but there are oh so many more choices to make. To help describe what the ultimate stag do is we asked some expert bloggers a number of questions to find out what their ultimate stag do would be.

Aspiring Gentleman



Jason Batansky, the publisher at men’s lifestyle blog Aspiring Gentleman, shared his wealth of stag do knowledge.

Which European city would you recommend for a stag do?

My personal favourite is Warsaw, Poland. It's not a city one expects for a stag party over the many popular destinations like Krakow, Budapest, etc. But it has by far some of the best nightlife, good pricing, cheap flights, and Polish people are a ton of fun!

What activities do you think stag parties should try on a stag do?

Soak in the local culture with museum visits and forget debauchery. All kidding aside, besides the obvious drinking and partying you may want to consider a road trip to a nearby small town for an afternoon. Find an empty space and start a barbecue with some fine cigars while you grill.


Any recommendations on fancy dress for a stag do?

The more ridiculous, the better off you are. The idea is to stand out...whether that means coordinated outfits or a messy collection of items from the dumpster behind your thrift shop.

What do you think matters most on a stag do?

The group as a whole needs to have outrageous fun. That doesn't mean to replicate a night from the Hangover film series, but do something fun that works for you and your buddies. Of course, drinking and partying are a requisite.

Male Mode


Jack, who is the editor of Male Mode, a men’s fashion and style site, shares some of his suggestions.

Which European city would you recommend for a stag do?

Reykjavik (island far away and people love to get wasted when they go out).

What activities do you think stag parties should try on a stag do?

Besides the usual getting wasted and heading for a strip club... maybe skydiving, bungee jumping.

Any recommendations on fancy dress for a stag do?

Sponge Bob Costume.

What do you think matters most on a stag do?

Keeping the groom-to-be aware of what's going on as long as possible.

Other things to consider


Who to invite

First things first; to make your stag do amazing the best man and the stag need to compile a list of who to invite and who to leave behind.

If you are going abroad and are organising a Krakow stag do, you are not going to be inviting 40-odd people.

Therefore you need to work out whether to invite the stag’s workmates, the stag’s relatives that he isn’t that close to (thinking of the slightly odd cousin here) and any of the in-laws.

If the person will make the stag do better or not inviting them will make the stag feel bad, then save a place for them. If they don’t tick either box, then “do widzenia” as they say in Poland.

Forfeits and pranks

Pranks and forfeits are a good way to bring groups together, but on the flipside if the father in-law is on the stag, then perhaps setting challenges or forfeits might not go down too well.

If you know the crowd will back your decision to set up a number of pranks and forfeits, then think of some they can vote on. Some of the best games are only drinking left handed, not being allowed to put your pint down without a beer mat, or making the stag speak to a girl for five minutes.

Image Credit: Mills Baker, Adam Smok, Mike Mozart (flickr.com)

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