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A Stag Do in Bratislava is far more than just getting pissed with your mates. Obviously beer, beer and more beer is the foundation of most stag dos, but what you really need to do is pack your weekend with as many activities as your budget allows. Our Bratislava stag activities include throwing your stag in the mud (with babes), shooting AK47s and visiting top tottie venues with a tour of the city's strip clubs. The more you add, the more memorable you make it for your Stag!

How it works?

Bratislava has tonnes of stag do activities for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for action-adventure activities such as the 110m Action Jump, where you'll leap off a bridge (harness included) or classic stag activities such as classic nightlife activities such as Partyslava. Our local Tour Manager has made sure we offer you the best Bratislava has to offer, so much so we cannot list it all. So if you cannot find the activity you want, send us an enquiry and we will make sure we sort it for you.

Sticking with the Pissup moto of "Keep It Simple", we have broken down our long activity list into sections below. Click a tab to view a section and to find more detail about an activity just click the image.

Once you find the activity you want click the Order Now Button. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you have booked, it just sends us a no obligation reservation so we can make sure the activity is available for when you want it.

Too much hassle

Doing this in your lunch break or just seems like too much hassle to get a price? We have thought of you too. Click this link to Go to Bratislava Packages and choose from the pre packaged Stag weekends. There is a package for all tastes and it only takes a minutes to get a price.