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Krakow Stag Activities

The whole point of a stag weekend abroad is to do something with the lads you cannot do at home. A Krakow stag do. is a chance to try out fun, adrenaline-fuelled activities like shooting in ex-army bunkers, and to have unforgettable nights of debauchery in wild strip clubs…the kind of experience only available in Poland’s second city.

Krakow offroad driving - Pissup stag do

Krakow may not be the biggest city we offer…but as Michael Caine said in ‘The Italian Job’ it’s not about the size it’s what you do with it: and Krakow has  some of the best action activities of them all. We also have a top selection of stag pranks including Stag Kidnap which really does scare the sh*t out of him!

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