5 Awesome Places to go in Riga by Night

Riga by night - guide

Riga by Night!

Coming on a Riga Stag Do? Wondering where the hell you are going to go? Okay so we know what you’re coming here to do: tonnes of booze, visits to hot strip clubs, sessions shooting AK-47s and driving round go-karting tracks at top speeds. But there are a few places you definitely have to see on your trip to the Latvian capital. And since you’ll be coming on a stag do we can guess you’ll mostly be going out during the early evening/night (mornings are to soothe hangovers, etc). So we thought we’d bring together the top 5 places to go in Riga by Night.

Riga is a city with a rich history dating back to the 13th century when the city was founded - on the ruin of an earlier settlement. Since that time it has been invaded by everyone from the Lithuanians, Russians, Swedes, Poles - only in 1991 did it achieve full independence from the Soviet Union. So with that amazing history you can imagine that the city is a mixture of different architectural styles and cultures, as well as retaining a distinctly Latvian identity. In booze terms that means you can get a decent beer as well as a vodka (Stoli is produced here)!

1. Riga Central Market (for the grub)

Latvia by night - things to doLatvia by night - Riga central market is awesome!

On the weekends Riga Central market closes around 6-7pm. So this might be a good place to start the night out, especially if you want to fill up on snacks before hitting the beers. There is a Gastronomy Pavillon that plays host to a huge variety of food stores. You can try everything from bread from Uzbekistan, to Sauerkraut, local breads and pickled vegetables, and other Baltic delicacies. Even if you are a fussy eater, and watch to stuff your face with fast-food, then you should just come to see the buildings and the action for its own sake. This market has had a long history, having been originally founded in the 1930s, and is now an UNESCO world heritage site.

The market itself is spread across four large pavilions that look more like aircraft carriers than buildings that house markets! And their distinctive art-deco/ art nouveau styles are something you’ll definitely have to take a few pictures of. Also you’ll definitely have the opportunity to try Latvia’s famous liquor: Black Balsam. This bitter-sweet drink has been around since the 18th century and definitely a must for all stag do revellers, if you think you’re hard enough!

2. St. Peter’s Church (for the view)

Riga by night - pissup stag doRiga by night - go to St Peter's Church (for the view!)

St. Peter’s is one of the central sites in the Latvian capital. And after you’ve been to the Central Market you should check it out (it closes at 7pm on weekends). The church was founded in the early 13th century and, alongside many buildings in Riga has been built and rebuilt over the centuries. But we haven’t suggest to come here just for its beautiful architecture or spiritual vibes, but rather fact that it offers one of the best views in Riga.

You can climb up to the top of the Church’s tower and a panoramic view of the city. The church tower, from where you can get great views is a whopping 72 metres in the air, so make sure you aren’t too afraid of heights. Note: you will be charged on entry.

If you like the idea of seeing the sights, why not book a Riga Walking Tour with us - we guarantee you fun sightseeing with a fun, accredited guide.

3. Sail on the High Seas

Riga by night - pissupRiga by Night - go on a private boat before you hit the town!

Okay so you’ve seen some of the sights, and climbed up high enough to get a great view of the city - and you are ready for some fun but want to do something a bit civilised before you really hit the beers…what do you do? Come on a private cruise that’s what! Take advantage of Riga’s location on water, and head out onto the seven seas! The Daugava arrives from Russia through the gulf of Riga and flows through the centre of Riga itself. This is a great way of seeing the city by night, with all its attractive architecture lit up, and the city comes alive.

And we can make it extra-special for you if you book up a Stag Strip Yachting activity, where you and the lads will enjoy 4 hours on a yacht with two strip shows, and a bottle of champagne to get things popping off (no pun intended). Or if you would like something a bit more “civilised” then book up our Private Strip Dinner and enjoy an hours boat trip with a 3 course dinner, beers and a hot strip show for dessert!

4. Riga Old Town

Riga by night - party guideRiga by night - you have to come to Old Town!

Riga’s Old Town is the historic centre of the Latvian capital, with a high concentration of nightspots. There is a good range of bars and clubs around here, which will keep you and the boys entertained till the wee hours. There are different venues to suit different tastes, from the old boy joints with and Old Riga feel, to sophisticated hipster bars, to the classic English pub (only for those with serious bouts of home-sickness).

Although Riga’s Old Town is an obvious choice, it’s still hugely worthwhile (even necessary) to book a good bar guide through the city. That way you can avoid getting ripped off in tourist traps (whether they be bars or strip clubs) and head to where the action is. So booking our Pissup Bar Guide, with a 4 hour guide hire, or if you’re looking for a more full-on night, our Beers, Babes & Boogie - is a must.

5. After Hours Fun

Riga by night - stag do PissupRiga by night - after party in the Latvia capital!

Now that you’ve hit the bars and pubs of Riga’s Old Town you might want to keep the party going. Riga used to have a reputation for throwing people out around midnight, but that has generally only been true for bars on weekdays. So don’t worry if you find yourself at 1am looking for a place to keep up the party vibes - here at Pissup we can sort you out. There are a number of different clubs you can go to, which are open till past 3 am (and our party guides - see above - will make sure you get in). But if you enjoyed your time on the seven seas, why not continue? Book up the Boat Party and you can enjoy a party that goes on from midnight till 4am, with tickets plus two free drinks included in the price…get in!

Like our guide to Riga - things to do at night? Well get in touch and we can help organise a Riga stag do that will go down in legend for years to come.

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