New Apparent Hot Trend for Stag Parties: Invite a Stranger

New Apparent Hot Trend for Stag Parties: Invite a Stranger

Any great stag party should be a bit unpredictable. One groom in the US took that lesson to heart when he decided to turn a simple misspelling into an adventure.

It all started when Seattle area resident Joey DiJulio, an IT worker and married father of 1, began seeing mysterious, mistakenly addressed e-mails popping into his inbox. Once he figured out that they were part of planning a stag party, he finally let the group know they had made an error.

Of course, it could have ended there, but the groom, Jeff Minetti, 34, decided this was just another opportunity to have a great time. So, he invited DiJulio to Philadelphia to attend the bachelor party and even the wedding, saying

"This is the city of brotherly love... any and all are welcome."

Buzzfeed soon picked up on the story and it’s all exploded from there. Then, after raising just over $1,200 for the first trip on GoFundMe, DiJulio bought his ticket and headed off to what was surely an unforgettable night.

Now, DiJulio is attempting to build on his minor internet stardom by raising $10,000 to fund the newly married couple’s honeymoon to Italy. If you’re feeling generous you can donate on the original GoFundMe page. Or, you can just get inspired.

Got any ideas for your own stag party from this story? We’d love to hear them.

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