Stags and strippers – the boys and girls have their say

strippers at stag dos - boys and girls have their say - Pissup

Ever wondered what your partner really thinks about you and the lads heading to a strip club? The chances are, within reason and in the right circumstances, she’s probably cool with it.

Unless you are getting married to someone who is strictly religious or a raging feminist, heading to a strip club is probably ok, especially if it’s on your stag night. And we have the survey data to back up that claim.

If you are marrying a preacher’s daughter just don’t invite him to the stag party. You’ll probably never get him out of the strip joint once he’s seen the light…

In an in-depth You Gov survey of 1600 people carried out in June (2015) into the strip club habits and perceptions of the British public, a healthy 69% of respondents said they would not be annoyed if their partner went to a strip club on a stag or hen do. Well that’s if it is someone else’s stag or hen do!

If it is their stag or hen to the ‘it’s ok’ figure drops to 60% who would not be annoyed, but hey that’s still a majority! Ok so holding up the poll results might not save an argument, so use your intuition and perhaps stick to the motto what goes on tour stays on tour. 

Men are more chilled than women about all this – 77% of blokes say they wouldn't be annoyed if their missus encountered strippers on a hen do, but still most ladies (61%) say they wouldn't be angry either.

When asked about their partner going to a strip club on their own, most women (62%) say they'd be annoyed, so the message is take the lads with you!

The data also showed that only 26% of Britons have ever been to a strip club (or at least will admit to it!), so that leaves nearly three quarters of Brits who have the thrill of writhing, talented, professional nudity still to discover.

Londoners are marginally more adventurous than Northerners it seems, as 29% of those from the capital have seen the inside of a strip joint, compared with only 22% of their flat cap wearing cousins from up North.

On whether people think it has become more acceptable for women to visit strip clubs in the last ten years a liberated 51% reckons it’s become more acceptable, compared to a stuffy 5% who say it’s now less acceptable. Yes lads, it’s fine, if the girls can go, so can we.

In glamorous European cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Hamburg, Riga and Sofia they really know how to party and it’s anything goes once the beers start flowing. Check out our destinations page to see what’s on offer, with some of the world’s greatest strip clubs right at your fingertips.

Another recent survey on what the girls get the hump about was this 2014 study on bridal regrets and stag do mischief doesn’t even get a mention so we say go for it!

Disappointed brides top three complaints are about the best man’s speech, their hair and make up or wishing they’d spent more. What you get up to on your last weekend of freedom isn’t even in the top ten of worries for wedding-obsessed brides to be.

You’ll end up having a great night at the wedding, but first it’s time for some fun with the lads on the stag weekend, strip club or not!

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