6 Awesome Winter Stag Do activities in Germany

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A stag do in the winter, are you mad?

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’…so sang old blue eyes Frank Sinatra. But he was talking about yuletide family fun, not getting leathered on a Berlin Stag Do in winter! You may be one of those lads who have enough Viking blood to brave a British town centre in mid-winter, with nothing to protect your torso but a short sleeved shirt and ten pints of beer. But trust us our awful winters are nothing compared to the weather in parts of Germany. And a cold winter in a city like Hamburg means snow; lots of snow. But don’t worry if you are planning a winter stag do in Europe there will be plenty of fun things to do.

So we’ve decided to bring together six amazing things to do on Winter Stag Do - with a focus on the two fun German cities of Munich and Berlin.

Munich & Berlin in Winter

When it comes to dealing with snow and cold the Germans are better prepared than us Brits. With Christmas/winter markets, winter festivals, and sports on offer they don’t just stay sulking inside! The coldest it gets in Berlin and Munich is -1 degrees centigrade. Which is a lot “worse” than the averages in most parts of England. And there is also a higher chance of seeing snow in the winter months in these two cities, compared to the middle and southern parts of the UK.

But despite this nannying ‘health warning’ (i.e. bring a jumper or two) there is plenty to do on a winter stag do in either city. Check out our top 6 choices below!

1. Shoot Each Other Indoors (without being arrested)

Winter stag do activities in Germany - Paintballing

Paintballing, eh? Conjures up images of lads running through a forest in the summer in boiler suits and ski-masks shooting each other…but this classic stag do activity isn’t just for the boiling hot summer, you can do it in the winter too! And if you’re going on a Munich Stag Do in the winter Indoor Paintballing might just be the activity for you. As with all paintballing games, you’ll get to play in a variety of combat scenarios including capture the flag and death match. And with two hundred balls each you’ll certainly have enough balls to bruise your mates with.

The question is do you have the, er, balls to handle all the bruises!

2. Boogie on Ice

winter stag do in Germany - Pissup

We had to include this one: unique to Munich, Disco Ice Skating is an activity you will love. Of course this isn’t your standard adrenaline junky stag activity. However it is tonnes of fun and you are guaranteed a laugh, especially with all that falling over. But not only will you get to relive memories of skidding on the ice from your youth, you’ll even get to boogie while you skate. We can’t guarantee it will be like stars on ice…but we can predict there will be plenty of chances to collect some hilarious memories for back home.

3. Fly off a Roof

flying fox Munich - Pissup Stag Do

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a flying fox…a what, you say? Well our Stadium Roof Walk and Flying Fox activity has to be seen to be believed. Not only will you go on an excursion up to the top of Munich football stadium, you will also swing off it into the abyss! Built for the 1972 games this awesome structure is something to behold. And you will get great views of the surrounding areas once you make it to the top. That’s when the ‘flying fox’ comes in - you’ll be strapped in and then pushed off the edge, where you’ll swing under the stadium. If you’ve ever wanted a Peter Parker/Spiderman experience then this is the activity for you!

4. Have a beer…in a Beer Hall!

Winter Stag Do - Pissup

No German stag do experience would be complete without a trip to a beer hall. Especially if you’ve just spend the day trundling about in Berlin. A busty fraulein serving beer in huge mugs is probably what comes to mind when we think of an authentic German beer drinking experience. While we cannot guarantee the full Oktoberfest experience (except on, er, Oktoberfest) we can assure you that it will be “traditional”. On our German Beer Halls with Guide activity we’ll even throw in a couple of beers for free.

5. Heat Up with Hot Girls

 Strippers in Berlin - Pissup Stag Do

After you’ve had a traditional experience in a beer hall, why not indulge in something that’s also a tradition in Berlin: strip clubs. Yes this city has long been known as a city of sin to rival Paris (old Paris) and Amsterdam. That means there are tonnes of establishments where you can see hot local (and not so local) ladies get down and dirty. But instead of chancing your luck with some dive because it looks cheap and cheerful, why not let us handle the booking? Book our Strip Club & Nightclub entry and we can get you into a nightclub then a strip club where the atmosphere is fun and the girls are hot. There’s no better way to warm up on a cold Berlin night!

6. Sweat out some Toxins!

Sauna and spas - Winter stag Do - Pissup

The morning after the night before is always something you’d love to be able to avoid. Especially on a winter stag do if it’s super cold outside. But there’s plenty of time to rest when you get back home, on a stag weekend it has to be full on all the time…or does it? Well if you want a relaxing day out before you hit the beers again, then a Spa Pool and Sauna day is perfect for you. Sweat out all those toxins and let yourself relax in the saunas and jacuzzi facilities. Hey: if it’s good for Russian mobsters in New York then it’s good enough for a stag do group from the UK. And the warmth will be a great contrast to the biting cold outside!

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