Pissup Stag Weekends Abroad

Pissup Stag Weekends Abroad

Stag Weekends - not just stag parties!

Dating back to the days of the Spartans, stag dos have played an integral part in the marriage procession. A whole helluva lot has changed since the days of these Spartan warriors however…

*• Six packs chiseled on stomachs have been replaced by bellies chiseled by six packs

• Water poured into wine for diluting has been replaced by [Jägermeister dropped into Red Bull for intoxicating](http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2697614/Thats-one-way-pour-shots-Barman-lines-140-J-germeister-miniatures-glasses-make-domino-effect-J-ger-train.html)

• A good night’s sleep in preparation for conflict has been replaced by little to no sleep creating conflict without preparation.*

Most importantly though: Stag dos have become Stag weekends! It is no longer a single night toasting to the groom within an old cave (although some of those Czech bars sure can resemble it!), it is now a weekend excursion culminating in the most epic of adventures shared amongst friends.

Thanks to budget travel companies the party limits have been destroyed, and stag weekends abroad have become the norm. Experiencing new cultures, innovative food, different drinks, and taking part in raucous activities, just like when you were all much younger men. A weekend abroad with the lads is a chance to go back to those days, a chance to celebrate freedom, friendship, and a fridge full of beer!

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