Hypno Football in Hamburg
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Hypno Football in Hamburg

What's included

  • Hypno Football (1 hour)
  • Hypno Glasses
  • Banana costume (for the stag)
  • Team photo
  • Event coordinator
  • All Necessary Equipment
  • Playing field rental


Hypno Football in Hamburg: get seriously trippy while you have a kick-a-bout.

We’re not talking about imbibing any 60s style illegal narcotics! You and the lads will get to play a game a football with a fun twist – you’ll be wearing Hypno Glasses.

These glasses will alter your vision, making distances blur completely. Find out who has the skills to score a goal while wearing Hypno glasses – trust us when we tell you, it won’t be easy. After an hour of that you will feel like you’re in a trippy sci-fi movie.

For those who are thinking about breaking the rules: there will be ref at hand to make sure things are all above board.

In addition there’s also a hilarious banana costume for the stag to wear, just so you can see him clearly through the hypno specs!

Note: There will be a music box playing tunes to keep things fun and lively. At the end there will be a team photo.

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