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Berlin is one of the most hedonistic cities in Europe, so don't just sit in a bar all weekend, get out there and do something! Make your Berlin stag do a tour that you will never forget. Enjoy a steak dinner with tits for desert followed by a local guide to show you the best bars the city has to offer.

Berlin offers the best of both West and East bringing the two flavours of Europe to one place. It is a huge city, so allow time to get to your activities. You will find all the normal stag activities below with one or two different ones like the Street Fighter Workshop...Hadouken !!

Shooting guns in Berlin - Pissup Stag Do

Berlin's awesome activities

The most popular stag activities are available on this page - we have everything a lad could want on a stag weekend in Berlin.

While Berlin is rightly considered one of the party capitals of Europe, you can greatly benefit from booking a Bar Crawl and Strip Club activity. One of our awesome local guides will take you round some of the best bars in Berlin, culminating in a trip to a raunchy strip club. We’ll do the thinking, you just concentrate on the drinking. If beer is your thing, then we’d definitely have to recommend a Microbrewery Tour: you and the boys will get a guided tour the brewery, seeing how the beer is made, with a tasting session at the end…result! Berlin has tonnes of stag do activities to choose from, just click our daytime and nightlife activities to find out more.

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As with all our cities we have put together the standard and the weird activities for you to chose from. Click the tabs for the different sections to see all we have to offer and click the activity image to get full details of what is included and what can be added as extras.

If you do not find what you are looking for send us an enquiry and we will source it for you.

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We know you blokes hate to shop, or maybe you are doing this in your lunch hour and don't have the time. No problem! Click Berlin Package here and chose a pre arranged package to suit your group and budget. It takes a few clicks to get a price.